Our Store Sections

Thrift Village in Glassboro offers:

Furniture: This is the largest section in our store. We are constantly receiving new inventory and items sell fast from this department, so the inventory is always changing. You will find a nice selection of kitchen sets, living room sets, bedroom sets, and bedding. We have warehouse shelving full of individual chairs, chair sets, coffee tables, end tables, nightstands, and misc. small furniture. Once our furniture has been in inventory for 30 days, we offer the items for 30% off the ticketed price. It's called our 30/30 Deal.

Clothing: We have a very nice selection of new and vintage clothing for men, women, children, and infants. Most of our clothing is set-priced by the category (i.e. shirts $3, pants $4). Infant clothes are $1 each piece up to 4T. We have a nice selection of shoes, hats, and other accessories.

Housewares: This is our customer's favorite section. Housewares and knickknacks are displayed throughout the entire store. The lower store area has more common housewares like dishes, cookware, and serving pieces. The front of the store is loaded with great collectibles, knickknacks, and vintage items. We offer everything you will find in any other thrift store at great prices, but also carry rare items you would seldom find on your regular treasure hunt.

Appliance: We have a great selection of small appliance such as, stereos, televisions, record players, toasters, microwaves, food processors, hair dryers, curling irons, and much more. You can also find a selection of large appliances like refrigerators, stoves, washers, and dryers.
All of our electronics are tested and working before they are put on the sales floor.

Books: Thrift Village offers one of the biggest used book sections you will find at a thrift store. Hardbacks are generally $1 and paperbacks and children books are $.50

Toys and Sporting Goods: Here you can get your fun on. Pick up a puzzle or board game for family night. We have tons of toys, sports equipment, bikes, and yard toys.

Media: There are several areas for media. We have VHS tapes, DVD's, records, cassettes and the players for using them.

Linens: In our clothing section, you can also get linens. From individual bed linen items, to full sets. Plus, you will find throw pillows, curtains, and more.

Junkyard: This section is for the guys. Here you will see plenty of tools. This section is loaded with items found in sheds and garages.